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Summer Essentials for Your Dog

Summer is here, are you ready to take the best care of your dog? We have compiled a small list of different summer essentials that you did not know you would need in the upcoming months!

1.Dog Ice Cream 

Pawfect Doggy Treats | Pawsapp

Everyone, including our fur babies, love a good cold treat in the hot summer days! Why not enjoy your ice cream with your fluff ball side by side? This incredibly easy recipe consists of only three ingredients that are probably already in your house. Mix those well and wait for a couple hours in the freezer, then your doggo is ready to go out in the sun and enjoy some ice cream! Check out the video recipe here!

2.Pool Time

Dog Pools

Who doesn’t love some fresh water to cool off in the summer? We are sure your dog would love some pool time in the backyard! Without going all the way to a beach, you can get a small swimming pool just for your fluff ball for a pawfect cooling time in the comfort of your own home! Don’t forget to get some pool toys to go along with the theme!

3.Overheating Protection

Overheating is certainly an important issue to look out for in these hot summer days and getting some information beforehand would be very handy! During your walks and time outside home, make sure to avoid asphalt and other surfaces that can heat up quickly. Look out for signs like panting hard, tongue appearing red or overall sluggishness, and invest in paw booties and cooling vests for your dog to stay cool outdoors!

4.Anti-Flies Protection

Dogs get just as annoyed as we do, or even more, when faced with mosquitos and all types of flies. As these flies can also lead to the transmission of serious diseases, protection is essential during the summertime. You can look into the natural sprays to avoid the flies or invest in a bigger dog collar to keep the parasites away. 

5.PawsApp Walk

Are you a bit busy this summer but you would love your dog to still enjoy the summertime? 

You can book regular and scheduled walks for your doggo during the times you will not be around or just ask for an ASAP walk when a last-minute plan comes up! With our ASAP walk feature, the Paws Walker will be at your door within an hour.If you are planning on having a longer vacation outside the city, you can match the paw-fect dog carer for our boarding services as well!

For more, check out this Pinterest board created just for your dog’s summer needs! From how to make your own dog cooling mat to many different frozen dog treat recipes, get some inspiration for your fur baby!


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