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5 Tips on Rainy Day Dog Walks

Whether you have a new puppy in your household or a senior dog, walking your dog in rain is one of the many responsibilities of dog ownership. . As we look towards the start of the spring season, we listed some necessary equipment and safety tips to utilize while walking dogs in spring showers.

What should you do if your dog doesn’t like to go out in the rain?

The best way to encourage your dog to get comfortable with the weather is to expose him to it at a young age. Your behavior and actions will influence your pet's; if he sees that you're having a good time, he may follow suit. Here are 5 tips on walking a dog on a rainy day that could be useful for dog owners:

1. Start slowly

Start small by taking him out to relieve himself or for one-minute walks in the rain. Gradually increase the length of each walk to help him gain confidence in walking in bad weather. You could try investing in doggy rain gear to help prevent your pet from getting too wet, which is probably what's bothering him the most. Finally, make sure to help dry off your pet as soon as he gets home. If he's sure that he won't be drenched forever, he may begin to think of walks in the rain as a temporary inconvenience.

2. Purchase gear to make your dog more comfortable.

Accessories/gears could be helpful if you're worried about why your dog won't go out in rain. For example, rain boots, a rain jacket and a large umbrella could resolve some of your dog's issues. The accessories may take a little getting used to, but your pet may prefer them over getting wet. Wearing a dog raincoat may feel strange to him, but you should be able to tell whether or not he will adjust or completely reject the rain gear he's trying on.

3. Try Keeping Paws Dry

If you opt not to put rain boots on your furry friend, definitely make sure to properly dry their paws after the walk. Some pups don’t like wearing rain boots, but dry paws are imperative for their health. If you can convince them to don some footgear, it will keep your pet’s paws dry and avoids slipping, falling, and keeps their paws in good condition. In addition, it also helps you keep your house clean, with no decorative muddy paw prints!

4. Bring a ball

Some dogs truly love heading to park with their ball. Especially on a rainy day, it could be a good motivation for your pup to see their owner have a ball with them. Make sure to bounce the ball and give small treats while walking in the rain!

5. Constant attention

You need to keep up the attention and play the entire time he’s in the rain. Play tug of war, play fetch, do everything you can to make it the most fun he’s ever had. Also stay upbeat yourself--dogs are known to mirror their owner’s feelings, so be happy. Do this every time it rains until he’s comfortable in it and even looks forward to the extra attention he gets on wet walks.


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