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Handpicked for Perfection:
Paws Walkers

At Pawsapp, ensuring safety is our foremost commitment. We have curated a meticulous vetting process, guaranteeing that every Carer is held to the highest standards. We don't solely assess applicants based on their qualifications; rather, we evaluate their experience, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and genuine affection for dogs.

In fact, only a select fraction of our applicants advance to the in-person interview stage, underscoring our dedication to handpick the best-suited candidates.


Unveiling Our Rigorous
Vetting Process

Application Assessment

We begin by meticulously reviewing each application. This critical first step allows us to gain insight into the applicant's background, their genuine passion for dogs, and what motivates them.

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Applicants who meet our initial criteria progress to a one-on-one interview. During this session, they respond to a series of carefully crafted questions designed to assess their skills and experience.

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ID Verification

For candidates who demonstrate exceptional potential, we proceed with ID Verification.

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4. The Pawsapp Academy

As the final step, all candidates embark on their journey at the PawsApp Academy. Our exclusive training program covers topics such as positive reinforcement, health, safety, and effective problem-solving techniques.


We've collaborated closely with a professional dog behaviourist and an expert in Animal Behavior to craft our comprehensive training platform. 

Paws Walker Wisdom: 
Tips for the Perfect Walk

Get to know some of our Paws walkers and unlock their secrets for the perfect walk. Discover valuable insights on how they ensure every stroll with your furry friend is a delightful adventure.


completed 80+ walks



Always start with a calm greeting. Dogs sense your energy, so a friendly and relaxed hello sets the tone for a great walk. A good introduction builds trust, making the entire journey enjoyable.


completed 100+ walks



Watch for signs of discomfort or excitement in your dog's body language. If they seem anxious or overly excited, consider adjusting the pace or route to ensure a more relaxed walk.


completed 50+ walks



Variety is the spice of life, even for dogs. Change up your walking routes to keep things interesting and engage your dog's senses. Exploring new areas can make the walk an adventure for your dog.

Safeguarding Your Pawsapp Adventures:
Our Safety Standards

Private Walks

Each walk is tailored to your dog's unique needs, with dedicated attention from our walkers. We prioritize one-on-one walks to ensure your dog's safety and comfort. In cases of multiple dogs from the same household, we accommodate their bond by allowing joint walks.

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Vetted Pathways

Choose your dog's preferred walking route, and we'll make it a reality. Our walkers prioritize following your specified route, ensuring a personalized walking experience tailored to your dog's preferences and needs.

Leash-Only Adventures

Experience controlled yet adventurous walks with our leash-only adventures. Your dog will explore the world around them while staying safely attached to our walker, allowing for secure exploration.


Paws Walker Cam

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