How Do We Find 

The Best Dog People?

Safety is our top priority. All applicants undergo an extensive vetting process to become a Pawsapp Carer. In fact, only a very small percentage of our applicants even make it to the first in-person interview to ensure we are choosing the best candidates. 



ID Check

All our walkers are ID checked.


Pawsapp College

After the interview, all candidates enroll in our online training program called “PawsApp College”. The PawsApp College curriculum consists of courses focusing on positive reinforcement, health, safety, and problem-solving.


Filling Out a Comprehensive Questionnaire

We only look for people who are avid dog lovers but also understand the serious responsibility of the job.


One on One Interview

We personally select and meet our dog walkers we work with to make sure we are a perfect match. We focus on prior experience, a huge passion for dogs, great communication skills and the ability to provide professional care.

Meet Our Walkers

Here are some of our walkers, once you make a booking request, we will match you with one of our local Paws Walkers.

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