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How to spend the Bank holiday with your dog

With the bank holiday approaching and the weather getting warmer, it is just the right time to go outdoors and spend these lovely days with your dog! Here is a short list of 8 things to do in the open air: 

1.Go for a hike

Pack your bags and spend the whole day out hiking and discovering the outdoors! Don’t forget to plan ahead the appropriate routes according to your dog’s physical readiness, you can also consult your veterinarian to see if your doggo needs new vaccinations. Include a first-aid kit, enough water, snacks and maybe a dog coat depending on the weather. Your dog will enjoy the long walks on different paths and inclines as you get fresh air and exercise together!

2.Spend the night at a dog-friendly hotel

After the long and tiring day of hiking, you can try out some nearby dog-friendly hotels to treat both yourself and your pooch for the night. Ranging from luxurious to affordable ones, some of our favourite hotels in London include Rosewood London, 41, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch and the Amperstand. Their plus side is that your doggo will be staying for free and treated specially!

3.Teach new tricks

What better day to teach new tricks outdoors than the bank holiday! Either you will visit the nearby park or go into your backyard, look up some new tricks for your dog to learn. You can check out these tips on how to walk your dog without pulling on the lead.

4.Have a long road trip

If you have been wanting to discover the nearby cities with your best buddy, this long weekend is just the right time! Plan a nice route including the must-see places around and don’t forget to pack all the needs of your furry friend! Preparing a cosy designated place for your pooch in the car and planning your breaks according to the bathroom needs are also crucial.

5.Spare the day for dog care 

The long-awaited full cleaning of your doggo in the backyard has arrived! After a full washing routine customized for your dog with these tips, don’t forget to include the cleaning of their ears and mouth and a final brushing. Lastly, clean your dog’s bed, toys, blankets and all the other stuff with a dog-friendly cleaning product. You can also check these steps for grooming at home.

6.Go camping

If your doggo is as fond of the outdoor as you are, looking into the camping options nearby would be a great change. Don’t forget to check the lead requirements and rules of the campsite and make a reservation early on. When you are on the site, make sure your dog is always by your side and have plenty of toys. In case of any injuries, you can follow these steps.

7.Hit the water together

If your dog’s breed and size allow, consider taking the day off for going swimming together! Gradually introducing your dog to the water and teaching to swim would be easier for your dog to get used to the water. Keep an eye out for the dangers and others around you at all times.

8.Get help from PawsApp

If you won’t be able to spend the bank holiday with your pooch this time, PawsApp is here to help! Daycare and boarding services will help you out by dropping your doggo at a certified dog carer’s dog-friendly home. For a quicker solution, ASAP walks will ensure that your dog goes out with a lovely dog carer.

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