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How to get rid of dog smell?

Are you struggling to figure out how to get rid of dog smell? Living with your doggo is not always as dreamy as it seems, you should know that accidents and unwanted smells are perfectly normal! Don’t worry, we got your back on how to easily clean away the mess and get rid of the odour!

1-Let in some fresh air 

Make sure your living space, especially the areas where your dog spends the most time, gets fresh air daily. This will not only take the dog smell away but also improve your health as well as your fluff ball’s! Another option is to invest in a high-quality air purifier that can work non-stop especially on very cold winter days when you wouldn’t want to have the windows open. Air purifier also helps to kill the bacteria and fungi in the air and reduce the overall odour.

2-Vacuum and mop regularly

We are sure your fluff ball loves to run around and leave both prints and smells all over the place! Another regular habit that you should take up is regularly vacuuming and mopping the hard floors. This is the easiest and most efficient way to clean the floors and get rid of the smell! A pro tip is to use some vinegar during the mopping for extra cleanliness.

3-Steam clean the carpets

When it comes to carpets and dogs, we know how things get messier and trickier but worry not! The quickest way is to steam clean your carpets, and this lasts much longer than a standard vacuuming or washing. You can also get professional help with this one for extra deep cleaning, don’t forget to check their products to make sure they are doggo friendly ones!

4-Wash all the linens

Although we are sure you wash your sheets and blankets every other week, we mean washing absolutely all the linens around! The ones like pillowcases and couch cushion covers usually go unnoticed and end up getting fully clean maybe once a year. Especially if your dog likes to jump around and spend time with you on the couch, try to include these items in your regular washing schedule!

5-Deep clean all your dog’s stuff

Take a day to fully clean your dog’s stuff piece by piece and then, slowly turn these into habits. Starting with your dog’s bed, you should vacuum it every week. For the accessories and toys, you can also wash them every week depending on their usage frequency. Don’t forget to get special cleaning products that are safe for your doggo!

6-Dry their fur completely One of the causes for dog smell is the damp fur after showers, rainy days outside or extra sweaty times. Although this may go unnoticed, make sure to completely dry your dog’s fur after such occasions to avoid future smell and bacteria!

7-Go back to potty training

If you realised that the root cause of the unwanted odour is urine, it is time to reconsider things. Firstly, your doggo needs at least one walk outside every day to have the normal routines. If you aren’t able to take your fluff ball on frequent walks or you will be away for a long time, PawsApp is here to help with ASAP walks and boarding services! Even though you maintain a proper walking schedule and the smell is still there, you should try going back to potty training and see if your dog lacks some bits there.

May your days be filled with more pawfect times and less smell!


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