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French Bulldogs: Breed of the Week

Having been famous as a companion dog back in the day, French bulldogs are of the most popular breeds of London now! They are known for their affectionate, easygoing, playful, and humorous nature. This week, we come with the answers to the frequently asked questions about Frenchies!

-Are French bulldogs suitable for apartment living?

Due to their nature, Frenchies do not require a lot of room, so they are just perfect for living in apartments or small dwellings. Make sure they go on daily walks such as a couple of 15-minute walks to prevent them from becoming overweight. You can get help from our PawsApp walkers for instant or scheduled walks. Remember to keep the Frenchie in cool environments and avoid heat exhaustion.

-Do French bulldogs shed a lot? 

Despite their short hair, Frenchies tend to shed a lot especially in the summer to get rid of their winter coat. However, winter months will be easier as they will grow a warmer coat with less shedding.

No, Frenchies are not hypoallergenic.

-Are French bulldogs good with other dogs?

Especially if you start socializing them during their puppyhood, French Bulldogs can get along well with other dogs. Be careful that some Frenchies may become jealous around other dogs, especially if they sense a lack of attention.

-Do French bulldogs get along well with kids?

Generally, Frenchies get along very well with kids, but it is important to supervise their relationship with children at all times.

-What are the most common health issues in French bulldogs?

Due to their narrow ear canals, Frenchies are prone to ear infections and allergies with the symptoms of ear scratching and redness. In order to avoid another common health problem, diarrhea, watch out their diet and look out for signs like loss of appetite or vomiting. Other common health issues in French bulldogs include conjunctivitis, skin problems, and breathing issues.

-Are French bulldogs easy to train?

Compared to other breeds, Frenchies are mildly stubborn, so patience and consistency is necessary for their general training. Specifically for potty training, French bulldogs are known for their cleanliness, which makes the process easier.

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