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The 10 Most Suitable Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment is not an impediment for you to have a pet. The veterinary portal Vetstreet pointed out a list of 10 dog breeds that can adapt to small places.

Remember that they are not only small animals but also calm. Most can live well in apartments as they easily adapt to an indoor lifestyle, have low energy levels, and fewer exercise requirements. Not just Toy breeds are described, there are large dog breeds that are also suitable for apartment or condo living.

Here are the top 10 dog breeds that have been shown to live well in an apartment;

1- The Chihuahua

It is a breed of Toy dog. He is very lively and has a cheerful character. Because it has an energetic character, it needs an owner who masters it in the proper way in order to avoid the “small dog syndrome” and it must receive socialization at an early age. It can be difficult to educate if they do not receive firm training. They are smart so they can learn quickly.A Chihuahua living in an apartment should have daily walks to provide the exercise and mental stimulation it needs.

2- The Pug

He has a happy, carefree demeanor that is highly contagious. They are very affectionate and love to play. They have keen intelligence and can easily get bored when their training sessions are not new. Their character can become strong when they do not have a firm owner.They make good watchdogs but are not yapper, which allows them to live well in an apartment.

3- The Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s are very friendly dog ​​so he can easily make friends. By being very alert and attentive they become good watchdogs. For most Shih Tzus, walking down the stairs on the way to their bathroom break and a jaunt around the block is more than adequate exercise. They won’t object to a longer walk, but it’s important not to over exercise. They love to be around people and can live well with other pets in the home. 

4- The Yorkies

They are small dogs full of energy and courage; they behave like large dogs enclosed in small bodies. They are very affectionate with the members of the family. They are well adapted to apartment life as they are very sensitive to cold climates. Although they grow well indoors, they need daily exercise to remove their pent-up energies.

5- Bichon Frise

It is a Toy breed that has a soft coat. Longs for the company of family members. It has a cheerful temperament and exceptional intelligence that allows it to be easily trained. They are very sociable and can get along very well in the company of other pets. they can run through the apartment without irritating your downstairs neighbors, and tiny tug toys and tennis balls won’t take up too much floor space. For potty breaks, the breed is fairly easy to train. 

6- The Beagle

Beagles are smaller dogs and are a great option if you don’t have a lot of space, although they need to go out to the park frequently to use up their energy. It is a breed suitable for family life. They have a cheerful and docile temperament, love to play with children, and have a great sense of smell. He is a good family dog and generally socializes well with other dogs.

7- Golden Retriever

With a calm temperament and a docile personality, the Golden Retriever is extremely sociable, intelligent, and good-natured. These dogs enjoy socializing with people and with other animals, therefore they present themselves as great companions for children and large families. Water lovers like Labradors, the Golden takes their life as play and fun, demanding attention to perform physical activity.

8- Pomeranian Boo

It is a very active, intelligent, courageous, and loyal dog. Pomeranians are easily adapted to urban life and are excellent for the countryside, where the deep hunting instinct of their wild ancestors is awakened.

9- Maltese

Maltese are furry and affectionate little ones, very docile and intelligent, homey, and do not demand too many long walks, so they are also an ideal breed for families that live in apartments or small houses.These dogs are extremely friendly, always ready to make new friends. They typically lead long lives into the double digits, making wonderful life companions.

10- Schnauzer

It is a breed with a lot of variety among its specimens both in size and coat. In general, they are suitable for family life. He has innate qualities for vigilance, they pay constant attention to everything around them, which together with his complicity with people, makes him a good friend to children.

As PawsApp we added 2 more breeds to this list based on our furry customers.

11- Dachshunds

The short-legged and long-bodied dog, Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting animals like rabbits and foxes, but now they have successfully made their way into the list of apartment friendly dogs. Don’t be fooled by their size, they are extremely clever, courageous, friendly, playful and devoted to their owners. You should keep a check on their weight as they tend to gain a few pounds easily.

12-English Bulldog

One of the laziest yet one of the toughest breeds on this list, the English Bulldog is often considered to be extremely protective of his/her owner. They may look angry, but they are calm by nature. Being lazy, they are not really fond of exercise outside their regular walks; do not bark much and they love sleeping all day. They love snoring too. Just like pugs, they have a wrinkly face and the wrinkles should be cleaned every day. They are very children friendly, and a bit goofy, but prone to various health  issues in particular respiratory problems.English Bulldogs are people-pleasers, and all they want is for people to love them


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