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What is PawsApp ASAP Walk?

Do you often have new plans popping up and having to skip your doggo’s daily walks? Have you been searching “dog walker near me” to find a dog walker quickly? 

One of our most loved services is the ASAP walk that is preferred by busy dog owners with last minute changing schedules. What we love about this service is how instant and convenient it is!

asap walk

How does it work?

As you make the request for an ASAP walk, a trusting dog carer is contacted immediately or, as the name suggests, ASAP, so that your dog is ready to be walked in the next 60-90 minutes! PawsApp adapts to your schedule and find the dog walker near you smoothly and as quickly as within an hour! The Paws Team will match you with the perfect walker based on your dog’s needs.

How do we trust the walkers?

Our dog walkers go through 3 different test before becoming a PawsApp certified dog carer to walk your precious doggos with the instant walk service! Firstly, the walker go through a background check. Then, PawsApp University offers knowledge-based testing to check for the walkers’ prior experience and proficiency. Finally, face to face meetings are carried out to finalize the process. You can also check out our lovely dog carers here!


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