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5 Tips on Finding the Perfect Dog Walker

Dogs are a huge part of your life and as a dog owner, you want only the best for your pet. There will be times where you can’t be there and have to trust the walker or sitter to take great care of you pup. Arranging a walker for the first time and giving them this responsibility can be daunting, so we have 5 helpful tips that will guide you to finding the perfect dog walker!

1. Make sure they are dog OBSESSED!

You wouldn’t want someone who hates kids to look after your own; similarly you don’t want someone who isn’t a dog lover to walk your dog. Even though finding a dog walker could sounds easy, it's always good to aim for dog obsessed people.Finding someone who has either had experience walking dogs of their own or having worked as a dog walker before is also really important so that you can be assured your dog is only in the best of hands!

2. Check in your local area

Having someone who can collect your dog for its walk quickly and conveniently is super helpful, so you don’t have to worry about travel times or any delays. At PawsApp, we provide walkers that can come to your area with ease, and with our ASAP Walk feature, your walker will arrive within an hour to walk your dog.

3. Word of mouth or recommendations

Hearing about amazing dog walkers through the grapevine or getting recommend a particular dog walker will also put you at ease because you know the person can be trusted and has had plenty of experience with dogs before. While each dog is so different, finding someone who has had prior experience means that they can cater to many different dog personalities.

4. Meet & Greets

Meeting your potential dog walker before is helpful to both you and your dog! You can get a sense of how your dog interacts with its walker and whether they feel comfortable, safe and excited around their walker. A walker alone could have a great profile and reputation but the most important factor is how they interact with your dog. It’s also the perfect time to ask you walker any questions you may have in person. We offer meet & greets at PawsApp too, so you can get an in-person feel about your walker before choosing!

5. Trust your (and your dog’s) gut feeling!

If your dog reacts well to their walker during a meet & greet, or even on a walk, you can trust that your dog will be in paw-fect hands at all times. Animals are usually great at sensing and judging characters, and if your dog comes back happy and fulfilled from its walk, you know that the walker is a keeper!

How do we find the best dog walker for you?

A trusted dog-walker is the perfect solution if you are busy and cannot walk your dog all the time. PawsApp are here to make your life easier by providing you with trusted, local walkers that have all undergone an extensive vetting process, so we will only match you with your ideal walker. To see some of our walkers and their hiring process check here. Don't forget to download the app to meet your dog walker.


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