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What Are The Differences Among Walking, Daycare and Boarding For Your Dog?

We say that whether you need dog walking, dog daycare or boarding services, PawsApp has you covered. However, some of you may not have knowledge about the main differences among these services. Today, we will explain the definitions and differences of them to make it more clear.

As you know we have to make our dogs walk every day to provide mental stimulation, physical exercise, socialization chance, and behavioural training. But unfortunately, work, school, family life and other responsibilities can block your dog walking responsibility.

Thanks to PawsApp, you can book a trusting carer to make your dogs walk whenever you need! Furthermore, there are two types of walking services for you. One of them is ASAP Walking which our carers come to your door just in 1 hour.  The second one is Scheduled Walking which you can pick a date on the calendar as our other services.

When you are busy the whole day, your dog can be bored at home or feel alone. But, as we mentioned above, they need to play games for their mental stimulation and do physical exercises for their health. You can prefer our daycare service with peace of mind and provide your furry friends daytime care!

If you need overnight pet care, dog boarding is great for you and your dog! As a dog parent, naturally you are looking for a safe, available for socialization, and loving place for your dogs when you are not with them. We bring together you and your sitter under appropriate and confidential conditions.

🧡 When you book a carer on our platform basically;

  1. The carer will be assigned based on your location.

  2. After the completion of the booking, your carer profile will be sent to you shortly.

  3. Once you approve the carer, your booking will be confirmed and scheduled.

🧡 Meet the Best Friends of Your Furry Best Friends: Our Carers

🧡 And Meet PawsApp services if you have not yet!

Have a pawfect day! 🐕🧡🐶



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