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Tips For Being A Responsible Pet Owner (Infographic)

Pets are not accessories that are used and forgotten, they’re a part of your family. But you know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this infographic! Having a dog is a privilege, and more than that, a responsibility! That’s why we are here to help you, here are ways to be a responsible dog owner.

  1. Pet-proof your house. Like babyproofing a house, you should keep household products and foods that can harm your pet away from them.

  2. Ensure your pet has proper identification. A collar or a microchip reader is a must nowadays.

  3. Train your pet to accept obedience. In an emergency situation understanding of basic directions like stop or stay can save your pet’s life.

  4. Give your pet the exercise they need. Every pet need excercising, especially dogs.

  5. Socialize your pet. Playing with other pets will make your pet be happier and help them release some of the build-up energy.

  6. Care for them. Feeding them properly and having regular visits to the vet must be #1 priority on your responsibilities.

  7. Love them. You are your dog’s favorite thing in the world. Everyone can be a little busy sometimes but don’t forget to love, cherish and protect them!


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