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The Most Interesting Fun Facts About Dogs

It is estimated that humans and dogs have lived together for about 3,000 years. However, we still have many curiosities about dogs to discover. 

All this information will help you better understand canine language, the why of the nature of dogs, and, ultimately, to improve the bond with your faithful friend further. Please keep reading to know them all!

1. There are more than 300 breeds of dogs today

Determining how many dog ​​breeds there are on the planet is much more complicated than it seems, mainly because it is dynamic. The number of dog breeds is increasing every year, as international canine societies recognize new standards.

If we look at the classification of dogs according to the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) as a reference, we discover more than 340 standardized breeds. However, many races are waiting to be recognized, and other federations have already known many more. The list is endless!

2. Basenji: the oldest and most silent dog in the world

The Basenji dog is unique for several reasons: it is considered the oldest breed of dog in the world, but it is also the least barking. In reality, Basenji dogs are not capable of emitting the traditional sound that we associate with dogs’ barking. The most characteristic vocalization of this breed consists of a mixture between a wild laugh and the Tyrolean song. Something unique in the canine universe!

3. The origin of the dog is still a controversial issue

Although scientific advances allow us to delve further into the dog’s history and genetic evolution, we still have much to discover about the origin of the dog. Although the most widespread hypothesis indicates that the dog descends from the wolf, the truth is that there are no conclusive studies about this possibility.

So does the dog descend from the wolf or not? A recent study indicates that dogs and wolves are likely descended from a common ancestor. Likewise, it also shows that the domestic dog and the wolf share DNA sequences, the canids being the most genetically similar to each other.

4. Dogs hate some things about their humans.

Even being our best friends, the truth is that there are some things that dogs hate about humans. For example, with their senses of hearing and smell much more sensitive, they are deeply disturbed by yelling and strong smells. Besides, some typical human displays of affection, such as hugs, can be uncomfortable for them, as they feel imprisoned.

However, dogs are usually exceptionally patient and affectionate with us, transmitting with a sneaky lick that bothers them. Still, do not forget that we must strive to know and respect canine nature, offering them a positive environment and respecting their needs.

5. Relax! Sleeping with dogs is not bad

Many people wonder: is it wrong to sleep with a dog? As long as we follow the vaccination schedule and a deworming routine, we should not worry, since there is no risk. Sleeping with a dog is very positive, as it helps us to strengthen our bond with him and rest better.

6. Your dog’s fingerprint is on the nose

One of the curious facts about dogs is that each individual has a unique pattern on their nose, which is as unique as their personality. To find your dog’s “fingerprint,” you need to look on his nose and not on his paws, did you know?

7. The body temperature of dogs is higher than that of humans

Humans’ optimal body temperature is located in the range between 36ºC and 37ºC, while that of dogs is around 38ºC and 39ºC. Like us, dogs can also suffer from a feverish state, characterized by a rise in temperature. But also, unlike us, who put the thermometer in the armpits to take the dogs’ heat, we must place the thermometer in the rectal area, being the only effective way to check the fever. Poor!

8. It is possible to know the age of a puppy by looking at its teeth

Like human babies, puppies are born without teeth and experience a teething process relatively similar to ours. The first teeth that break into the puppy’s mouth are the so-called ” milk teeth ” that will then progressively give way to permanent or permanent teeth.

Therefore, another curious fact about dogs is that you can know the approximate age of a puppy by looking at its teeth. And since dogs experience changes in their dentition throughout their lives, it is also possible to estimate how old an adult dog is by looking closely at its teeth.

9. Your furry quickly perceives your mood swings

Dogs mostly use body language to communicate with their peers, with their guardians and others in their environment. When you feel sad or nervous, these emotions are reflected in your postures, actions, gestures, and facial expressions. And do not hesitate: your best friend can easily perceive changes in your mood, even when you don’t say a word to him.

If you want to learn to understand and communicate better with your furry, we advise you to know the dog’s postures and their meanings. Essential for a good bond!

10. The border collie is the most intelligent dog in the world

The border collie is considered the smartest dog in the world due to its ease in assimilating commands in basic and advanced training, and its versatility in learning different activities, tasks, and canine sports. Likewise, these dogs require an experienced guardian who is willing to dedicate themselves to their physical and mental stimulation, since they are very active dogs. Complementing the top 5 of the most intelligent dogs, we find the poodle or poodle, the German shepherd, the golden retriever, and the Doberman.


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