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Dog Astrology: What’s Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign?

Have you been checking out what’s your dog’s zodiac sign and maybe discover their behavior patterns accordingly? Here we come with the special dog astrology to learn more about your doggo!

Aquarius Dog (20 January-18 February)

Aquarius dogs seem to be full of energy and surprises whenever they are around their loved ones! They still need time to recharge to showcase their love continuously. Aquarius babies are also known to be very intelligent and loyal, so you can balance their stubborn side with some behavioural training. They also love being snuggled, so don’t forget to show your love!

Pisces Dog (19 February-20 March)

As Pisces doggos are water signs, they just go with the flow and identify as easy-going ones. Pisces also happens to have a sixth sense for the humans and other animals around them. If you realized your Pisces baby trying to cheer you up when your mood was own, that’s why! They are full of love all the time but they might get caught up in their thoughts and become introspective from time to time.

Aries Dog (21 March-19 April)

If you have realized your dog being the centre of attention and the “alpha” kind, you just got a typical Aries dog! They are very strong, courageous, and confident, which might be the natural reason for them being the main character. Aries doggos really like playtime and might not listen to you when it ends, don’t take it personally!

Taurus Dog (20 April-20 May)

Being the admirers of anything and everything comfortable, Taurus dogs just love to lounge around and nap in their luxurious spot. So check to see if your furry one gets enough exercise every day, you can book walks with our PawsApp dog carers! They are also known to be determinant and stubborn from time to time but Taurus friends are just the right ones to be protective towards you, your family, and the house! 

Gemini Dog (21 May-20 June)

Just like their sign of the twins demonstrates, it is hard to guess anything about these precious Gemini dogs! They can be very outgoing one day and become reserved the next, or have an aggressive attitude towards you and immediately switch to passive mode. Make sure to carefully observe their behaviour and give them the love they need as they might be prone to separation anxiety. Gemini pooches are also curious about everything around them, so long walks to discover the neighbourhood might be their favorite activity! 

Cancer Dog (21 June-22 July)

Being a water sign, cancer dogs take emotions very seriously -and we mean it when we say “seriously.” They are very loving and cuddly but also sensitive and can easily get hurt if they feel like not getting enough attention. Be sure to give your constant love, attention and occasional cuddles and train them with extra sensitivity. Cancer pooches are also very nurturing towards humans and their puppies, so they are ideal for families with small children!

Leo Dog (23 July-22 August)

Here come the energetic extroverts of the dog world! Leo dogs just love the outdoors, meeting with other pooches, and hanging out together. Consider play dates and casual gatherings with other doggo owners occasionally! They also love being pampered and the centre of attention, so daily life with a Leo pooch might be exhausting from time to time. However, Leos are also famous for their loyalty, it is truly a blessing to have a Leo doggo by your side!

Virgo Dog (23 August-22 September)

Famous for their analytical sides, Virgo dogs often consider every option very well before taking an action, even if it is just chasing after a bird in the park. That’s why they appear calm and considerate in the pooch world. Virgos are also very passionate about cleanliness, routines, and pampering. Don’t forget to treat your doggo to occasional grooming and pamper time!

Libra Dog (23 September-22 October)

The social butterfly of them all has arrived! A Libra dog’s favorite activity is socializing with humans and other animals, obviously, they love the attention given by outsiders. They tend to become the diva of every social environment with their high social intelligence. The Libra pup is the perfect match to be a partner in crime with their loving and fair nature!

Scorpio Dog (23 October-21 November)

Scorpios are known for their intense natures in every part of their lives, so you might find yourself questioning how they don’t chill out for a minute. Their loyalty and affectionate side balance the intensity but they might come across as jealous if their loyalty isn’t awarded as often as they would like. If you stick to their good side, you will enjoy a very entertaining and loving Scorpio pooch!

Sagittarius Dog (22 November-21 December)

If you have an energetic and adventurous doggo who loves being on the go, you’ve got a Sagittarius to yourself! They just love to explore everything around them, thus the perfect weekend plan would be a getaway for hiking or a visit to the beaches nearby! As a result of their free and dynamic characters, they are likely to hate the lead so you can carefully train them to stay on the lead

Capricorn Dog (22 December-19 January)

Just the opposite of Taurus dogs, Capricorn pooches do not enjoy lounging around but thrive to be “productive” and have a task at hand. They are very dedicated and hardworking, teaching them new tricks and having fun times all around would be ideal! Capricorns are also very organized, know where their toys are, and tidy around! 


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