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Our new service: Free MEET & GREET

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

We are very happy to present our new service on to you: Free Meet & Greet.☺️

So how can you request our Meet & Greet service and how does this process work?

We have two different channels you can use to request a meet and greet. The first option is to request a meet & greet from our website. The second option is to send it through our mobile application. It will be on the home page of our app.

First, PawsApp customer service will reach you to learn more about your pup.🐶(Please make sure you either provide your contact number or email address.) We would first like to get more information about your dog’s age, breed, habits, structure and character so that we can arrange the best walker for him/her.We will then share Paws Walker profiles and after that we can arrange a free meet and greet with the walker.

The meet and greet will be a great way to introduce your pup to the new walker. After the walker arrives, you can do short 10 minute walk with the walker. During the meet and greet, you can show your dog's prefer routes or parks.🙏🏻

Finally, you would be able to book via the app with your preferred carer. Please note that meet and greets are not mandatory but optional.

We will pair you with a Paws Walker in our system that is compatible with your dog and lives close to where live.

Don’t miss this Meet & Greet opportunity!


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