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Our new service: ASAP WALKING

Owning a dog is not easy and requires responsible decision making. Your pet dogs can easily adapt to your home life and social life. But also, you have to adapt to it. Because dogs require a little more attention and care than other pets. You should take your dog for walks every day, both for his physical needs and for his mental health.  Their muscle growth develops or weakens depending on your activities and frequency with them. In addition, walks and playing games are important for the development of their psychological bond with you.

Sometimes your working conditions or pace of life prevent you from spending a certain time of the day with your dog. For this reason, especially working people may need someone’s support when their dog is alone. If your dog is alone, cannot meet his needs, and cannot walk, his physical and mental health is very negatively affected. In such cases, it may cause problems such as barking while you are away, damaging the house and belongings and harming itself. For this reason, if you are working or if your life pace does not allow this, or if you cannot meet such needs because of an emergency, you should get support.

Time to time, you might face with emergency situations and need to leave the house unexpectedly. You might need to travel or it may be a matter of a few hours. Even worse, you may need to go home to take your dog out for a walk but unable to leave the work early. You may be sick and your dog needs to go outside. Especially in this global pandemic process, we experienced these situations like there very often. . If you want to get support very quickly in such cases, we got you covered with our new service ASAP Walking. Our ASAP walk type allows you to book our friendly PawsWalkers to take your doggo for a walk within an hour of booking. Starting from £13!


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