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Londoner’s Top 5 Dog Friendly Park Choice

After a long cold winter in London summer is finally here! Wouldn’t it be great to go on a pleasant walk with your dog? Do not worry, we have you covered… just, get your dog, grab the leash, pick some dog treats and head towards one of these gorgeous parks to soak in the summer sun.

Battersea Park

On the South-western bankside of the Thames, opposite Chelsea, lies one of London’s most dog-friendly parks. Battersea Park is an immense 200 acre open green space; it originally opened in 1858 and has since become a favorite for both dog owners and dogs alike. It offers all you desire from a city park, green open spaces, woodland, lakes and a beautiful view of the Thames. Head on over to Battersea Park and have a lovely time with your dog!

Greenwich Park

Situated on the Meridian line, that divides the Eastern and Western hemispheres, Greenwich might well have one of the best skyline views in London. The park has a complex history dating back to the Roman period and it is now a World Heritage Site. The park is home to the Royal Observatory, National Maritime Museum and Old Naval College. Dogs are more than welcome to roam around Greenwich park freely, however be mindful as within the park there are enclosed areas in which fallow and red deer live.

Hampstead Heath

Walking towards Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath might well be one of London’ s favorite dog walking routes. As you walk around the dense woodland that is Hampstead Heath, you will be able to see many other dog owners having some time out from the hectic center of the city. Being one of London’s biggest parks, Hampstead Heath spans over an area of 320 hectares, roughly around 790 acres; it encompasses woodlands, heaths and swimming ponds. If your dog loves swimming you are in luck! Whilst it is forbidden for dogs to bathe in men’s bathing pond, there is one pond called by the locals ‘the dog pond’ which happens to be one of the most popular areas for dog owners.

Hyde Park

Possessing an intricate history, Hyde Park might just well be London’s most famous and popular park amongst dog owners and non-dog owners. Dogs are happily welcome into the park, for a pleasant stroll around the vast green open areas, playing some frisbee or just sitting down and having a picnic. Located right in the center of London, this massive park covers around 350 acres. Come over to Hyde Park and have a relaxing time right next to your favorite central landmarks!

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

Also in center of London you can find yourself enjoying a great afternoon stroll with your dog around, arguably, one of London’s best. The park was designed by John Nash and it covers around 395 acres. Full of flowers, shrubbery and trees Regent’s Park acts like an oasis of peace and serenity amidst the hectic nearby Baker Street. Head over to Primrose Hill, located north of Regent’s park, to see one of the most beautiful views you can enjoy of central London. Dogs can roam around freely in both park, however it is advisable to keep them on the leash when walking around the flower gardens and sports areas.


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