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It’s a Pawful Hot Day Out!

Summer is yet again upon us, we are all enjoying the longer and warmer days. However, temperatures in London are rising this summer, and sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming even for us humans. Imagine how your dog is experiencing the heat! Keeping your dog cool is something we should all be doing to keep him or her healthy and happy. Here are a few tips and trick on how to keep your dog nice and cool during the summer heat so you can both enjoy the free time.


· Remember to ALWAYS keep a bucket of water available to them.

Understanding how important water is to dogs and humans is something that should not be overlooked. Cool water will make a difference as it will keep your dog hydrated and keep him or her with full energy all day long! Get yourself a portable water bowl if you decide to go on a walk and remember to offer water regularly throughout the walk. For an extra hot day, try putting some ice cubes in the bowl of water to get an extra kick of coolness.

· Make sure there is a shaded area in which they can rest

It goes without saying that for a dog to stay cool during the summer they need a rest area that is not directly hit by the scorching summer sunlight. If you are leaving your dog outside in your backyard whilst you are out and about make sure you open some sort of beach umbrella or cover for them to sit under and rest.

· Wet or cool towels are the way to go!

Having a damp towel around the house for your dog to rest in should be a MUST for dog owners during summertime. If you want him to have a good time whilst using the towel make sure to rub him with it, focusing mainly around the neck and legs!

· Paddling pools are always fun!

If you have the space for a paddling pool in your house or garden getting a paddling pool is another MUST for a dog owner during the warm months of the year. Not only its great fun to see your pooch run around and splash in the cool water and even get inside the pool with him, but it also ensures that your dog’s body temperature is kept down.

· Cooling accessories?

Lately there has been more and more products being put out to help your dog stay cool during the hot summer days. These items include cooling vests, collars and mats and they should be available in your local pet store or online! Why not splurge a little on your furry best friend and make sure they are happy?

· Ice cream for dogs!

Whether you know or not, ice cream for dogs is a real thing! You can make it yourself or buy it and it is a great treat to keep your dog refreshed and happy all day long.


· NEVER EVER leave your dog in a hot car

Whilst this may seem like common sense, leaving your dog in a hot car even with the windows rolled down or parking by the shade can result in fatality. You should always have a plan B of where to leave your dog if you must take him with yourself in the car and you see yourself not being able to take him wherever you are going. If you ever see a dog in a car do NOT hesitate and call an emergency hotline.

· Hot surfaces

Surfaces that are constantly being hit by direct sunlight during summertime can cause pain and even mild burns on your dog’s paws. Surfaces like hot pavements are things you should be very mindful about when taking your dog out for a walk. Instead of taking a walk during midday or the afternoon, why not take a walk early in the morning when it’s still cool, or in the evening just before sunset so the pavement has been able to cool off the summer heat. As a general rule, if the surface is to hot for your own hand, it’s too hot for your doggy’s paw.

We hope you take some of these tips and tricks and incorporate them into your day to day summer doggy routine! We wish you an awesome summer.


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