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How To Work From Home When You Are A Dog Owner

Nowadays, the rule of work-life is simple: If you can work from home, you work from home! To protect our health and public health, we practice social distancing. And a part of that social distancing involves working from home. But there is someone at your house that wants to play with you, ALL THE TIME. So, how can you keep your dog happy and get work done at the same time? Here’s how!

Taking Your Dog For A Walk In The Morning A Priority

Staying and working in home for a long time can be harmful to your mental health and physical health. And tired doggo is happy doggo. When you combine these two, you realize the importance of dog walking for you and your fury friend.

That’s why scheduling a walk for you and you dog in the morning -before you start your work- can be beneficial to both of you. This quick workout will help you wake up get your energy, get some fresh air and spend time with your dog. And your dog will be happy to spend time with you and get his/her exercise too. That will maket hem calmer in the day, so that you can work in peace.

Also, you don’t have to walk, you can play fetch or kick around a soccer ball too.

Create A Space For Them To Relieve Some Energy

You can create a playground for your dog to relieve some energy. This would benefit you if you work from home or work somewhere else. It will give them a place to spend their energy without you , and you can work without getting distracted.

Create A Space For Them To Get Rid Of Anxiety

In addition to relieving energy, a dog can also be in need of a zen space. Dogs feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious sometimes, that’s why having a dedicated space for anxiety is a necessity. Those places gives calming signals to dogs and help reduce the stressor in dogs’ lives.

A cozy corner with fluffy items like blankets and beds can be enough for that place. You can also place a noise machine for them in that place.

Schedule Play Times

Time management is the most difficult part of working from home. Having a full schedule of your daily work will help you finish your work and keep your dog happy. So, set break times and play with your dog, by this way you can teach your dog discipline too.

Have A Dogless Work Space

Having a designated work space that your dog is not allowed in your working hours can help you focus. This also helps your work-life balance. Waking up, eating, petting your dog and working in one space can make a person lose their mind; that’s why having a separate place for work is highly important.


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