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Cultural activities to discover in London with your dog

With the fall leaves starting to surround us and the city, we are slowly leaving the dog-friendly beaches and leaning towards the cultural activities to discover in London with your dog. Check out this curated list of dog-friendly places to take in art and culture with your dog in the city!

1.Tower Bridge Exhibition

Being the only major London attraction that allows dogs as visitors, Tower Bridge is a great option for our furry friends! You can take in the view through the Glass Floor 32-feet above the River Thames and walk through the East and West Walkways with your pup. On the South bank of the river, you can also enter the Engine Rooms. The staff is very friendly and helpful with doggos, they even organised a day for pups with games and giveaways on 13 June!

2.The Brunel Museum

Although the Brunel Museum is a small one, it is home to the the Thames Tunnel, the first underwater tunnel ever built in the world by Marc Isambard Brunel. The museum gives you very comprehensive information about the site along a documentary you can watch on a small TV. Dogs are welcomed in the museum as long as they are well-behaved.


Brunel Museum (@BrunelMuseum) | Twitter

3.Kennel Club’s Art Gallery & Library

The Kennel Club, originally founded to bring together dogs and owners for activities, is the perfect place for almost everything related with doggos -from responsible breeding and dg ownership to training and charitable activities! Starting from the reception area, Kennel Club is covered with various sculptures and paintings of dogs of various breeds. The Art Gallery consists of a selection from the 500 pieces the Art Collection holds in total, and you can book a guided tour in advance to visit the whole collection. Moreover, the Library is the largest world canine books collection!


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