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Dog Friendly Pubs in London to watch EURO Cup 2020

With everyone so excited for EURO Cup 2020 and the UK-Italy match on Sunday, who wouldn’t want to spend watch this exciting match with their furry friends? PawsApp has listed the dog friendly pubs in London where you can bring your dog and watch EURO Cup together! 

1.Bridge House

This cosy South London pub accept doggos for both inside and outside of the pub. The garden is especially lovely for these summer days where you can have a cool drink and your dog will spend time with other furry friends! Alternatively, you can move indoors to watch EURO Cup and your pooch will get to have some special dog food!

Address: 2 High Street, London SE20 8RZ

Phone: 020 8778 2100

2.The Bull & Last

This time, we are heading to North London for an award-winning pub! The pub is popular for the awarded pub food made with the high-quality local ingredients. Your dog will also be treated well with some meaty food and biscuits! Grab your pooch for some drinks and fun EURO Cup times at the Bull&Last!

Address: 168 Highgate Road, Highgate, London NW5 1QS

Phone: 020 7267 3641

3.The Lord Palmerston

Being one of the biggest and most spacious pubs in its area, the Lord Palmerston offers a welcoming atmosphere both for you and your dog! The pub offers not only one but a total of two outdoor spaces as well as a huge indoor bar. You can meet up with your fellow dog owner friends and their pooches outdoors or opt for the huge yet cosy indoor bar. What better way to celebrate EURO Cup with craft beers and classic British pub food!

Address: 33 Dartmouth Park Hill, Tufnell Park, Islington, London NW5 1HU

Phone: 020 7485 1578

4.The Brown Dog

This pub is a must-visit especially if your dog is actually brown! The menu offers cask ales from local brewers and contemporary British food that you can try out as your dog will be given some pigs’ ears and of course, water! Although this pub is a bit on the quiet side, you can make reservations online and pay a visit just before or after the EURO Cup match.

Address: 28 Cross Street, SW13 0AP

Phone: 020 8392 2200

5.The Great Exhibition

Being one of the most lively pubs in London, the Great Exhibition is full of different events every night, and we are sure EUROCup match night will be one of them! Dogs are treated very well with lots of treats and bowls of water. You can even visit the pub earlier in the day for some high-quality brunch.

Address: 193, Crystal Palace Road, SE22 9EP

Phone: +44 20 8693 4968

6- Pub on the Park

As the name suggests, this gem in East London opens its doors to a huge outdoor area for all the pooches and owners in London! Your dog will be taken care of with great attention as you enjoy craft beers and EURO Cup atmosphere.

Address: 19, Martello Street, E8 3PE

Phone: +44 20 7923 3398

7- Prince of Wales

Our last but definitely not the least dog-friendly local pub has two floors with several dining rooms and lounge areas. Your pup will get much affection and care from the lovely staff. You can check out their website and book a table with the view of EUROCup! 

Address: 138 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 2SP

Phone: +44 20 8788 1552

Whether you spend this Sunday with your pooche at a lovely London pub or at home, we are bringing it home!


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