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Fun Activities for the National Dog Mom Day

The special National Dog Mom’s Day is just around the corner! Created by the dating app Dig, this Saturday, May 8th will mark the third annual celebration of this special day devoted to the caring and loving moms of the dog babies. You deserve to celebrate this Saturday with your loved fluffy ones in the best mood, so here are wonderful things to do:

Bake your baby’s favourite treats!

Get the ingredients for your fur baby’s all-time favourite homemade treats and even do the cooking together! Enjoy the treats over some movies on the couch or set the table and get in the mood for a special dinner date. Why not cook some steak so that both of you can enjoy!

For some inspiration, check out these quick and easy recipes for the Pawfect Doggy Treats. If you want to go the extra mile to get creative and come up with a delicious recipe yourself, keep these tips in mind on what your fluff ball should and shouldn’t eat.

Book an outdoor date in a pet-friendly restaurant!

If cooking at home is not your thing and you want to play it safe during this special day, visiting your favourite dog-friendly restaurant is an amazing choice for a fancy brunch or dinner with your fur baby! For a quicker option, here is a list of dog-friendly cafes in Chelsea, London to check out with your doggo!

Go for a picnic together!

Grab your picnic blanket and basket, get some coffee and dessert, and enjoy them together at the park! You can search for special drinks and desserts served for your fluffy one, as well. As your doggo runs around, you will get to enjoy your book in the fresh air, what a lovely picnic!

    Have a fun visit to the nearby park!

Discovering new parks or revisiting your number-one spots will get both you and your doggo moving! You can even coordinate your outfits with a matching set of face mask and bandana, and show them off during your fun hike! For some new spots, you can check out Londoner’s top 5 park choices for their pooches.

Do some shopping around the city!

What better time to show that you are the best dog mom than this Saturday! Visit the cute stores specialized in making your doggo feel best with the accessories, toys and high-quality products, and see which ones your doggo would prefer! You can have your purchases wrapped up and see the excitement of your fluffy one at home like it is Christmas time!

Go on a ride with the best co-pilot!

Is your dog that special one who just loves to go on rides with you? Then, you should schedule a fun ride with your favourite co-pilot this Saturday! Whether your doggo just enjoys hanging out of the window on the front seat or sitting in the mini basket of your bike, don’t forget to dress your fluffer up with cute accessories like a helmet and glasses!

Plan a photoshoot with your fur baby!

National Dog Mom’s Day is the perfect time to dress up matching a theme and have a full-on photoshoot! You can even have several outfits and changing background to successfully recreate a professional photoshoot. Don’t forget to post these adorable photos and tag us on Instagram @pawsapp! Moreover, you can take your time to create your fur baby’s own Instagram account from scratch or update the existing one with these cool photos.

Create a scrapbook of your time together!

If you are in the mood for spending the day at home and going down the memory lane with your puppy, make time for some creative scrapbook-ing! Print out the best photos, include items to represent the milestones since the time you met your puppy and create your very own scrapbook from scratch. Don’t forget to add photos from your floof’s happy PawsApp walks!

Treat yourself and your doggo to a walk by PawsApp!

As a dog mom, you totally deserved some relax and chill time this week! Pawsapp offers you the instant and easy way to schedule a walk with certified carers who will make sure your doggo spends a delightful walk! We would love for you to celebrate the day with our code DOGMOM for a 50% discount on all our walks in the upcoming week!

Take care and keep being an amazing dog mom!

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