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Explained:Why is My Dog Biting me?

We all know of course that dogs have the capability to bite, like for example, what they do with their toys. However, sometimes it can be disappointing for the owner when their dog bites at them, usually during play sessions, but can also be beyond this. In this post I will be detailing what this behaviour can be caused from, and how to deal with it.

The Reasons for The Behaviour:

First of all, I should dispel the myth that certain breeds of dogs are more aggressive and therefore more prone to biting. Biting as a behaviour is in fact common across all breeds.

Here are some reasons as to why your dog may be acting out this behavior:

  1. If your dog has gotten into a fight with another animal

  2. If your dog has been injured and you are tending to its wounds

  3. In pain

  4. Frustration

  5. Fear

  6. You have startled your dog e.g. when they were sleeping

  7. Protecting something valuable e.g. treats


Rest assured, there are solutions to eliminate or tame this behaviour once and for all. I have listed some of the top ones below:

  1. Use a toy or chew bone when they are trying to gnaw

  2. Make sure to provide new toys so they will play with these instead of chewing at your favourite dress or shirt

  3. Proper training e.g. controls such as sit, leave it

  4. Allow your dog to play with other dogs

  5. Allow your dog to interact with different types of people

  6. Keep up with your dog’s vaccinations

  7. Positive reinforcement- praise and treats

  8. If you believe your dog has aggressive tendencies, warn others, and if necessary, make them wear a muzzle

  9. Get your dog to play gently rather than banning play completely

  10. Do not use physical punishment e.g. slapping or hitting them if they do bite you

  11. Exercise

Overall, try to see where your dog is displaying this behaviour in order to know the specific steps you can take e.g. when is your dog becoming aggressive?

I hope these methods allow a solid goodbye to that chewing behaviour so you can play happily together!


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