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A Guide to Pet Passports in 2020: What Will Happen After Brexit?

If you are a pet owner and a UK citizen, you must be wondering: How will Brexit affect pet passports? Because this change not only affects your life, it also affects your furry friend’s life as well. Let’s start with the basics of pet passport process in UK:

How Do You Get A Pet Passport?

First of all, if you want your pet to enter or return to UK, your pet has to

  1. Be microchipped,

  2. Have a pet passport or official veterinary certificate,

  3. Be vaccinated against rabies

  4. And if it’s a dog, it must have a tapeworm treatment.

Your Pet Has To Be Microchipped

Microchipping for pet travel can only be done by a vet, a vet nurse, student vet or student vet nurse that is directed by a vet, someone trained in microchipping and has practical experience.

You must get your pet microchipped BEFORE or AT THE SAME TIME as their rabies vaccination. If you fail to do this, your pet has to be vaccinated again.

Your Pet Has To Be Vaccinated Against Rabies

To travel with your pet, they must be vaccinated against rabies. And in order for the vet to vaccinate the pet, your pet’s have to be at least 12 weeks old. If you get your pet microchipped after its vaccination, they have to be vaccinated again.

Your Dog Has To Be Treated For Tapeworms

Before the travel, your vet have to treat your dog for tapeworms. And this process must be done no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours than your travel.

Your Pet Has To Have A Pet Passport

If you are wondering “How do I get a pet passport in UK?”, here’s your guide:

You can get the pet passport from an authorised vet, if your vet does not issue pet passports, you can check or ask your vet the nearest vet that can issue passports or contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

To get the passport, you have to take these with you:

  1. Your pet and its identity & vaccination records,

  2. Rabies blood test results

And your vet has to fill these sections in the passport:

  1. Details of ownership (you also have to sign this section)

  2. Details of the vet issuing the passport

  3. Description of animal

  4. Marking or identification of the pet

  5. Vaccination against rabies and rabies blood test (if needed)

  6. Your dog’s tapeworm treatment

How long does it take to get a pet passport?

If you start the process in the weekdays, pet passport can be issued within 24 hours. But if there hasn’t been 21 days since your pet received its rabies vaccination, you must wait that period.

How much is a pet passport in the UK?

It depends but usually it takes around £150 to £250 to get a pet passport.

How Will Brexit Affect Pet Passports?

UK’s withdrawal from EU means another thing for pet owners, in the transition period, meaning up to December 31 of 2020, your pet can travel with their existing UK issued EU pet passport and vets can issue new passports to pets that have not traveled previously.

But what will happen after Brexit transition period is complete?

Like we said before, up until 31st December 2020, pet passport processes continue as before. But after that, there have not been an official announcement regarding pet passports. But authorities think UK issued pet passports will no longer be valid. If you are planning on traveling on that dates or will plan on traveling, it is advised that you start the process 4 months in advance with rabies vaccination and blood test protocol. We don’t have additional information at this time but will update this blog post whenever there’s an official announcement with further information.

And we advise you contact your vet to keep up to date.


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