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A Dog’s Quarantine Diary

Hi. My name is Max. I haven’t been out for a long time. I am only allowed to go out in the garden with Adam, Sarah, and the children. I really missed the days we took a walk together and ran down the street. The interesting thing is that Adam and his family sometimes wear something as I wear in their mouths when they go out. They call it a mask. Protected from viruses and germs. House members are often very worried, I heard that children’s schools were closed during the quarantine. I hope this process is over as soon as possible and we can go out again. To be honest, I missed playing with Bobby at Goldest Park. Bobby and I love to run in big parks and we do this every week. We haven’t been to the park in a long time, I feel like bad things are happening and I’m really sorry. I think Adam and the others will not take me out for a while, the garden was not enough for me. We met with friends from Pawsapp several times. Since this virus does not affect us, they sometimes allow me to meet with my friends thanks to Pawsapp. On one occasion, they had to leave the house in a hurry to have a virus test in a period when we were not leaving the house for a long time and they took me for a walk with a system they called ASAP. This was pretty good for me. But I still want to return to Goldest Park and play with Bobby as soon as possible.

Your Dog’s Best Companion During Quarantine: Paws App

In a situation like this, the safe and professional dog walking web-site PawsApp comes to the rescue of pet owners. You can find a dog sitter in such a short amount of time like 90 minutes, choose the duration that’s convenient for you between the 1 hour and half an hour walking options and feel safe with the customer support system that works 24/7 with the Pawsapp.

How it Works?

Choose the service that is convenient for you, your check-in and check-out times, and fill out the form.

We want to choose the best companion for your dog! Share the information that you need with us and let us show you the best candidates. We can assure you that your information is safe with us. Pawsapp is not an application that sends unwanted notifications.

Pawsapp will match you with the best dog sitter according to the information that you’ve given. Your sitter will come to your home as soon as possible to take your dog and return them to you after the walk. So, while you’re taking care of your chores and work tasks, Max can enjoy Goldest Park.

Payment is taken after you finish your work and your dog has a pleasant trip. Also, Pawsapp shares the walk report with you to maintain the application’s quality. It’s time to try Pawsapp!


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