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5 Movies to Watch With Your Dog

Are you looking for some puppy films to watch together with your dog this week? We made small list of 5 movies to watch with your dog. You have come to the right place to discover the films that will warm both you and your doggo’s souls!

1.The Mitchells vs The Machines

The Mitchells vs the Machines review - one of 2021's best movies

The latest Netflix release has gained instant popularity thanks to the famous Doug the Pug who was actually behind the scenes voicing over the movie’s cute pug “Monchi”. The science fiction comedy film pictures a dysfunctional family on a road trip who suddenly ends up needing to save the earth from a zombie apocalypse. With the animations and voice over of Doug the Pug, your doggo is likely to enjoy this 109-minute film by your side.

2.Pets United

Pets United » The Dream Factory

Another popular recent Netflix release, Pets United, offers an adventurous animation featuring a group of selfish pets including several breeds of doggos. Our lovely group of pets becomes helpless in their luxury hangout as robots take over the city. Roger is a rebellious Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). He develops a crush on Belle over the course of the film. The main character, portrays a stray dog and your dog will certainly relate to the adventure of this unique team of pets!

3.Dog Days Are you fond of bringing together your friends and their doggos? This film is just right for you and your puppy gang! Five dog owners from different backgrounds become connected by fate, or more importantly by their canine pets. Their relationships get complicated later revealing how the intersection of lives via dogs brings on surprises. Featuring many famous names like Nina Dobrev and Eva Longoria, this drama mixes romance and comedy perfectly!

4.Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

A more emotional film about the loyalty of a dog will warm both you and your pooche’s hearts. As a college professor finds an abandoned dog on his commute by train, he decides to take this famous Japon breed doggo home and an unbreakable bond between the two is formed. Hachi starts to wait for the professor to come back home at the train station every day, and he has a statue made for him in that train station now. This film will make you look back on your relationship with your doggo and appreciate the uniqueness of this connection.


Dog Gone Trouble | Netflix Official Site

When his wealthy owner dies, a dog (voiced by Big Sean) is thrown out onto the streets by greedy relatives. With the help of another stray canine (voiced by Pamela Aldon) and a young singer-songwriter (voiced by Lucy Hale) the dog learns about hardship and finds his forever home. It is a great movie to watch with your dogs and kids.  It’s an entertaining animation where you’ll get puppy overdose! It also streams in Netflix!

Grab some popcorn and your pooch’s favorite treat for a warm movie night, enjoy!


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