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What Is The Difference Between Pet Boarding And Pet Sitting?

You have to get out of town, there’s a wedding, meeting, vacation or a family get-together. Preparing the suitcase, buying tickets and arranging your work responsibilities is easy. The hard part is what are you going to do with your furry friend? Don’t worry, you have options that will make your dog have a company and taken care of.

The options are pet sitting and pet boarding. Also known as dog sitting and dog boarding. Even though the terms seem very close, pet sitting and pet boarding are not the same. In this blog post we will discuss how they differ.

What is Pet Boarding/Dog Boarding?

Dogs are the most common pet for pet boarding, that’s why it is used interchangeably with the term. Pet boarding means your pet staying in a pet lodging facility overnight. This method is preferred when your dog is friendly and love to socialize or you are not comfortable with someone staying in your house when you’re away. If you want to know another related term called home dog boarding, it’s when your dog stays in someone’s home, part of the family of the home owners. Home dog boarding is more personal and one-on-one than regular dog boarding.

What is Pet Sitting/Dog Sitting?

Pet sitting on the other hand means that someone comes to your home to take care of your pet rather than you leaving them in a facility. The process is similar to hiring a babysitter when you go out. Some pet owners prefer their pets to stay in their comfortable place and don’t want to ruin their daily routine.

What’s The Difference Between Pet Boarding And Pet Sitting?

So, we went back to the original question: What is the difference between dog boarding and dog sitting? Dog sitters take care of your dog in your own home when you’re away and if you choose dog boarding your dog stays in a place designed for dog comfort, which is not your home. That’s it!

Pricing for dog boarding and dog sitting depends on the service provider. To check the pricing of dog boarding you can check our pricing and booking page.

Usually, pet sitting is preferred when:

  1. You have more than one pet, because pets who have companion do not feel as lonely as the alone pets

  2. Your pet is old, they might feel stressed when they’re not in familiar sorroundings

  3. You have cats, because they do not feel comfortable outside their normal environment

  4. Your pet doesn’t like being near other pets.

And pet boarding is preferred when:

  1. Your pet is a youngster and want more attention, more potty breaks and more social time

  2. Your pet gets becomes troublesome when you’re away, 24 hour attention is good for these type of pets

  3. Your pet doesn’t like staying alone a lot

In both of the services, you can let the caretaker know of the extra specifications. Is your dog active or relaxed, how many walks a day they like, are they allergic to anything, do they like socializing or loneliness more.

Just like people having different personalities, dogs have different personalities too. So, the decision between dog sitting and dog boarding depends on your dog’s character. If you want your pet to remain happy and healthy, do your research to find the best dog boarding and dog sitting option for you.


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