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Wedding Bells and Wagging Tails: PawsApp Keeps Your Pup Happy on Your London Wedding Day

Ah, summer weddings in London! The sun (hopefully) shines, the city buzzes with love, and everyone's sporting a fancy hat. But for dog-loving couples planning their big day, there's one question that can cause a furry-friend-sized wrinkle in the meticulously planned schedule: what about the pup?

While including your dog in your wedding photos sounds adorable, a bustling ceremony and reception might not be the ideal environment for your furry friend. They might get stressed by the crowds, the loud music, or the unfamiliar surroundings. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of bathroom breaks and ensuring they don't become an unexpected (and potentially disruptive) guest of honor!

So, what's a pawsome London couple to do?

The good news is, your dog doesn't have to miss out on your special day entirely! With the summer wedding season in full swing, London boasts a range of pet care services dedicated to making sure your furry best friend has a happy and stress-free day too.

This is where PawsApp comes in – your pup's wedding day wingman!

PawsApp connects you with reliable and experienced dog walkers and pet sitters who can ensure your dog has a fun-filled day away from the wedding chaos. Imagine:

  • A stress-free ceremony and reception: Knowing your dog is in safe, loving hands allows you to relax and enjoy your special day without worry.

  • A tailored adventure for your pup: Whether it's a long walk in the park, a playdate with a furry friend, or a comfy cuddle session at home, PawsApp can find a dog walker or pet sitter who caters to your dog's needs and preferences.

  • Happy pup, happy photos! Plan a pre-wedding photoshoot with your dog before the festivities begin. They'll be relaxed, playful, and ready for some pawsome wedding snaps!

With PawsApp, you can ensure your wedding day is a celebration for everyone – including your furry best friend. They might miss the wedding cake (probably a good thing!), but they'll be well cared for and ready to shower you with doggy love when you return home, happily married and stress-free!

For inquiries please send an email to or quickly reach us from WhatsApp:+447342245898


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