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PawsApp selected for Founder Institute Silicon Valley Programme

We are excited to announce that PawsApp has been selected for the prestigious  Founder Institute London Silicon Valley Programme, we were the top 30 companies who were selected for the cohort. It will be completely virtual where entrepreneurs will have access to the best of Silicon Valley to ensure we are solving the most difficult problems with the right solutions. In fact we are happy to report that we scored in the top 25% of over 40,000 applicants across the globe.

In this 12 weeks session, we will participate to scale and grow the business with great feedbacks from an elite list of  mentors and advisors. Since 2009, over 4,500 companies have used the Founder Institute to build global businesses, solve big problems, raise over $950M in funding, recruit a team, transition from employee to entrepreneur, and more. Our society is experiencing the single largest global disruption since World War 2, which ended 75 years ago. Entire industries are being upended and consumer needs are changing on an almost daily basis.


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