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Pawfect Doggy Treats

When you think of summer treats, what’s that first thing that jumps to mind? A delicious banana split, some fresh lemonade, a popsicle…? Having a nice cold ice cream turns your dull flaming summer afternoon into the perfect tropical-like retreat, but why should us humans be the only ones who are enjoying these tasty treats? Here are some fun and easy sweets and recipes to follow so you can give your furry best friend a mouth-watering special treat during the hot summer!


When you think of summertime what comes to mind? Staying a few nights in a campsite, telling stories under the gorgeous night sky and toasting some s’mores to eat sounds like the perfect summer plan. Why should only you enjoy some s’mores? Here’s a quick dog-friendly recipe!

$Ingredients and tools:

· Dog Biscuits

· 1 Cup of Carob Chips (Carob is quite similar to chocolate and is non-toxic to dogs!)

· 1 Cup of Greek Yogurt

· 1 Tray

· 1 Bowl


· Place the carob chips on a bowl and place it over boiling water in order to melt the chips.

· Take one of the dog biscuits and carefully dip one side with the melted carob.

· Place the biscuit on a tray.

· Take a second biscuit and dip one side into the Greek yogurt.

· Place the second biscuit on top of the carob covered one.

· Once you have done all of them, place the tray in the freezer until the s’mores harden.

Let your dog enjoy the treats you made!


Popsicles and summer are two things that can’t exist without the other. To have a strawberry flavoured popsicle during a long hot summer day makes people extremely happy, so why shouldn’t your dog experience this happiness too? Here’s a fun little recipe to follow to give your dog one of these scrumptious summer frozen dog bone.

Ingredients and tools:

· Ice cube trays (preferably dog bone shaped, but any ice cube tray will do!)

· Blender

· 2 cups

· Frozen strawberries

· Plain Greek yogurt

· Water


· Wash your strawberries in the sink.

· Open your blender and place a handful of strawberries into it. Do not overdo it, place around 4 to 6 strawberries.

· Add around 50 ml of Greek yogurt and 50 ml of water to the blender.

· Start to blend the mixture. If at any point you feel as if the concoction is too thick, add a little more yogurt and water.

· Pour the mixture into the ice cube trays.

· Place the ice cube tray in the freezer for about 4 hours.

When you are done take them out and let your dog be the one to approve of his new summery treat!


Ingredients and tools:

· 1½ cups of frozen watermelon

· ¼ of a cup of plain Greek yogurt

· Blender

· Measuring cups


· Wash the watermelon and then cut it open.

· Try to get rid of all the watermelon seeds as you dice it into small pieces.

· Place the diced watermelon in the freezer for more or less 4 hours.

· Once frozen, place the diced watermelon in the blender.

· Pour ¼ of the plain Greek yogurt into the blender.

· Add more yogurt and fruit as you blend to get an ice-cream-like consistency.

· Serve as soon as you are finished!

Both you and your dog can enjoy a cup of this scrumptious watermelon ice cream during a hot summer day!

We hope you and your dog have enjoy these super easy summery treats!


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