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Healthy Doggo = Happy Doggo

Wanting to find some information on ways to keep your doggo healthy? You have come to the right place. I have compiled a list of some of the most important tips to keep your doggo healthy, because a healthy doggo does not only mean the dog itself s happy, but also means the owner is!

Feed Your Doggo a Healthy Diet

Feeding your dog a healthy diet provides many benefits, including strengthening your dog’s immune system, keeping their joints and muscles healthy, and maintaining intestinal health. It also means they will be able to maintain a healthy weight, with obesity also causing many serious health problems that can be avoided such as heart disease and liver disease. Studies into obesity in dogs have also suggested that it can shorten a dog’s life by as much as 2 years, so it is very important your dog has a healthy diet.

Now you may be asking well what is the healthiest diet for my dog? Each dog requires a different diet depends on many factors, including their breed and age, so it needs to be personalised to them, which is why the best advice is to consult your vet for the best diet for your dog. I would also recommend not overfeeding your dog, including portion sizes and the amount of times you feed your dog, again these differ however depending on your type of dog etc.

If you do decide to change the diet of your dog, make sure you gradually introduce the new food by decreasing the amount of old food and increasing the amount of new food. This should take place over a period of two weeks. Also make sure to watch the eating and drinking habits of your pet, as if you notice a change from what is normal then you should consult a vet straight away.

Keep Your Dog Away From Dangerous Foods

Whilst we are on the topic of maintaining a healthy diet, we should examine dangerous foods that should definitely be kept out of this diet at all costs. We have all been guilty of feeding our dog something from the table when they start to whimper because we feel like it is what they want or the best thing for them, but sometimes you have to be tough on your doggo for their own good. I am going to be listing below the top foods that are very dangerous for your dog, and no matter what, should not be given to them (yes that means ignoring the whimpering and whining, sorry!).

– Chocolate- This is the most well-known bad food for dogs. It has a toxic part which can cause dogs to have effects such as diarrhoea and vomiting, but also extreme effects including seizures and death. Therefore, you should avoid giving your dog any type of chocolate at all costs (except dog chocolate that can be purchased in pet stores of course)

– Sugary Foods- Sugary foods are not good for anyone, not even for our dogs (not very surprising!), but you should make sure not to allow your dog sugary foods like we allow our children or ourselves to occasionally have because it can lead to problems such as obesity and diabetes.

– Salty Foods- Again very salty foods are not very good for humans, and neither are they for our doggos. This is because salt can cause sodium ion poisoning, as well as symptoms such as excessive urination and seizures.

– High fat foods such as Bacon- High fat foods such as ham, bacon and meat trimmings can have dangerous effects, such as pancreatitis and upset stomachs. This can also be due to the large amount of salt these foods usually contain.

– Garlic and Onions- For humans, garlic and onions can be dangerous in terms of the pungent smell they can produce (but they give us flavour, so we let them off!). However, for dogs their pungent ingredients can actually destroy a dog’s red blood cells which can lead to poisoning, breathlessness and other symptoms.

– Dairy Products including Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream- Dogs should not be exposed to dairy products because, like some of us humans, many are basically lactose intolerant because they do not have the enzyme which is used to break down milk sugar, so this can lead to diarrhoea and to the development of gastrointestinal diseases, as well as other symptoms. I’ll be getting a tub of ice-cream and eating it to myself, sorry doggo.

– Grapes and Raisins- although they seem miniscule and so harmless, grapes and raisins are actually known to cause renal failure in dogs that can eventually lead to death. It’s always the small things that can cause so much harm, right?

These lists of foods are not to scare you, only to inform you and make sure you are being careful with the foods you are exposing your dog to, because at the end of the day we love our dogs and we want the best things for them!