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We are on a Mission!

We want to solve all of your problems as dog owners in an extraordinary way, making dog ownership easier and enabling dogs to touch more lives of humans.

Because we know, life is better with dogs.



Chief Happiness Officer

at Pawsapp 

About Us

We started PawsApp as two sisters and since the very beginning of our journey, we always had one question in mind: How can we make dogs and their parents happier?

Everyone loves a puppy. They’re cute. They’re fluffy. They have the most adorable puppy face.But they’re also a lot of work and it is not easy to handle all by yourself. That's why as PawsApp we are here to give the best dog care for your pup ! 

We have built PawsApp with the idea of creating a more tailor-made, convenient and trusted platform for dog parents. Backed with our unique technology, with every feature on PawsApp our goal is to offer dog parents great peace of mind.🐶 

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