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One of the best things in the world is to play games with your dog, it brightens up your day and makes them stay happy and healthy. Dogs have a lot of different personalities, even though their breed doesn’t determine their personality, a lot of dogs do tend to have similar personalities within their own breeds. One of the most fun dog personalities is playfulness, and even though most dogs have a playful side to them some breeds tend to be more playful than others! If you’re looking to adopt a new puppy to join your family, or just curious about which are the most playful breeds of dogs, you need to read this!


Labrador and Golden retriever breeds are famous gun dogs, they are both known for the ability of picking up the dead prey and retrieve it without causing any damage and also for their high energy.

Goldens and Labradors have a natural love for games and specially playing in water; they love being around children and are a perfect addition to any family. They both really enjoy being outdoors with their family and other dogs just playing and being happy.


Australian Shepherds are high-energy dogs that need an owner that can keep up to how much they need to be played with. They are often called ‘aussie’ and was actually developed in the United States, not Australia. Australian Shepherds gained a lot of popularity during World War II, as they became known to the public through a lot of horse shows, rodeos and some Disney movies.

They are very easily trained and quite versatile as they learn different tricks quite quickly. Australian Shepherds have very good predisposition for sports and agility, they love playing with frisbees. Playfulness is built into their high-energy, making Australian Shepherds one of the best playful dog breeds!


Corgis are a herding breed, making this breed of dogs high-energy and overall very fun to be with. Corgi breed comes from Wales and have two different breeds within, there is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, as they both have a few physical differences between them. Fun fact, Queen Elizabeth II has personally owned more than 30 dogs most of which include Corgis or Corgi-Dachshund crosses (informally called dorgis, which is such a cute name for a cross breed).


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The Boxer breed comes from the Old English Bulldog and the, sadly, extinct Bullenbeisser, which makes them a highly energetic and playful pup. Boxers have a very big heart and love their owner more than anything in the world. The temperament of the boxer is bright and friendly when playing with humans and other dogs, they are highly intelligent which makes them perfect dogs for people who go running or practice any type of outside hobbies and sports.

Whilst Boxers are often associated with aggressiveness, this could be further from the truth, if they are brought up with love and care Boxers tend to be sweet-natured, curious and happy dogs.


Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog breed, from the terrier dog family, that originates from English fox hunting; this is because they are small, agile and very high energy, therefore a perfect dog breed to run after foxes. As a former hunting dog, Jack Russell (commonly abbreviated as such) are a very energetic breed that require a super high level of exercise daily. Their personality makes them a very playful dog breed that enjoys running around, taking long walks, playing frisbee, swimming, hiking or anything that involves them getting tired and happy. If you’re looking for a high energy dog but for whatever reason you can’t have a big breed, then Jack Russell are the perfect solution!

Whilst there are plenty of other playful dog breeds, these are the ones we consider to be the most playful. Now go see your dog, take him out for a walk and play with them they will always be grateful to you for giving them attention!

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