Paws Carers FAQ

How do I apply to become a dog carer?

Please fill out the “Application Form” on the Become a Carer page. After you fill out the form, we will contact you and inform you on the next steps.

Is it free to sign up on PawsApp?

Yes, it is free and there is no sign-up fee.

What is PawsApp University?

All the walkers need to complete the PawsApp University in order to proceed with the application. It is a training platform for our walker applicants and consists of informative video tutorials about dog care and how to use the app with multiple choice questions.

How do I use the app?

You will be able to login on the mobile app as a walker only if you successfully complete our vetting process. Once you have successfully completed all the steps required, we will share with you the information you need to login on the app. The Pawsapp University that you are required to complete to join the team will include informative videos on how to use the app.

What should I do right after I download the app?

First, to start receiving booking requests please make sure you turn on notifications for Pawsapp from Settings on your phone. After you successfully log in, set your profile to online mode from the top right button on the homepage to be able to receive requests. If the offline mode is turned on, you won’t receive any requests.

What is the offline / online button?

You can arrange your availability by switching between offline and online. If you are not available and do not want to receive requests for a long period of time, you can set yourself as offline and you will not receive any new requests on the app.

What is an ASAP Walk?

We have three walk types: ASAP, Scheduled and Monthly walks. If you receive an ASAP walk request, you need to make sure you will be able to start the walk within an hour after the booking time. For instance, if you received an ASAP type walk, check the postcode to see how long it would take for you to get there. If you can arrive at the customer's postcode within an hour, you can accept the request.

What is daycare?

Daycare refers to short-term daytime care. The owner can either choose the daycare to be at their place or at the Pawsapp Carer’s place.

What is boarding?

Dog boarding is when the dog goes to stay overnight. The owner can choose the booking to be at the carer’s place or the carer can stay at the owner’s place to look after the dog.

What are the Terms of Service?

You can check out our Terms and Conditions. Please be aware that you must agree to the Terms and Conditions to become a Paws Carer.

How do I edit my PawsApp profile?

On the mobile app, click on “Settings”, “View Profile” then, click on the “Edit” title on the top right corner to edit your profile.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your email address, phone number or postcode please email us at

How do I get matched with a dog owner?

After you successfully complete the vetting process and sign up on the app you will receive booking requests near you. You will be able to read more details about the booking and the dog. You can then accept a request after you have read all the details about the booking (walk type, duration, additional information about the dog etc.).

What is “Meet and Greet”?

Meet and Greet is organized by the owner to meet with a carer to get to know them better as well as for the carer and the dog to connect before a confirming a booking. If a dog owner requests a meet and greet, we will contact you directly.

Is there anything I should prepare before walking a dog?

  • Make sure your phone has enough battery
  • Re-read given details for the walk
  • Re-read entry notes and always go to the address 5-10 minute early just in case there is confusion with finding the address. Key access might also take time, therefore it’s best to be early.
  • Make sure that you plan the dog’s journey beforehand (The route that the dog will take, preferably routes that include near park)
  • Check the weather before planning your route. If it’s a sunny day, avoid hot pavements. If it’s a rainy day, avoid areas that will be muddier.
  • The lead and poop bags will be provided by the owner however you may bring an extra poop bag before the walk just in case.

What if I am running late to a dog walk?

If you are on your way and realised you are going to be late, please let the owner know by clicking on the “Contact Owner” button. Please be aware that you can only contact the owner after you click on the “On My Way” button after you choose your upcoming walk.

How do I update the dog owner about their dog?

Once you have accepted a walk request, it will appear on your calendar under “Upcoming”. Click on the booking to see the full address and walk details. Then, click the “On My Way” button to let the owner know you’re on your way to pick up their dog. Contact the owner if you have any questions about the address, if you’re running late or for anything else. Cancel the walk only if there is an emergency, as we have a strict cancellation policy.

Please don’t forget to click on the “Start” button after you arrive at the address and pick up the dog. We won’t be able to process your payment if you don’t press “Start”, “Finish”, and complete the “Comments” section after the walk ends in the app.

While walking the dog, the owner will track the walk on their phone. Please click on “Toilet Break” to report if the dog pees or poops while walking to send a notification to the owner.

Click on the “Finish” button only after you drop off the dog back to its home safely. Please do not forget to write a short summary of your walk.

How do I get paid for dog walks?

Your payment will be made to your bank account in 1-3 business days after you complete a booking. Please make sure you have your bank account details on “Payment Method” under “Settings”.

What if a dog owner wants to book me privately, not through PawsApp?

We do not allow dog owners to book you privately.

What if there’s an emergency?

If there is an emergency, please contact the dog owner immediately. You can also contact the dog’s vet and discuss the situation if it’s a medical condition. Always keep the PawsApp Team up to speed. We can happily advise you on how to move forward.

How do I contact support?

On the app under “Settings”, click on the “Support”. In addition, you can email us at