Other FAQ

How much does it cost to book services through Pawsapp?

We have fixed rates for each of our walk types. One hour Scheduled Walk is £16.00, 30-Minutes Scheduled Walk is £13.00. One hour ASAP Walk is £19.00 and 30- Minutes ASAP Walk is £16.00. We also charge a £0.99 service fee for every booking. Daycare is £30.00 and Boarding is £40.00 per night. Please be aware that the rates for Daycare and Boarding may change according to pick up and drop off times.

What is a Service Fee?

Pawsapp charges £0.99 for each booking. The standard service fee allows Pawsapp to operate and improve to meet the needs of our dog owners.

Can I tip my walker?

Yes, you can review and tip your walker after your walk is finished.

Do I pay the same if my dog walker cancels?

No, we do not take any payments from you if your walker cancels.

What do I do if my app is frozen or doesn’t appear to be working?

Please make sure that your device and app is up to date. If you still believe there is an issue with your app, please contact us.