Dog Walking FAQ

Who will be walking my dog?

Each Paws Walker has gone through an extensive vetting process to join our team. A walker will be assigned to you based on the location and your dog’s needs after you make a booking. After your walk request is confirmed by a walker, you will be able to check your walker’s profile.

How do you hire and train your carers?

Each Paws Walker has gone through an extensive vetting process to join our team. You can check the details of our vetting process here.

Can I meet my dog walker before?

We offer a complementary meet and greet session to get to know your dog’s needs better, however, we cannot guarantee that the same walker will be available for each of your bookings.

Will I get the same walker each time?

After you finish a walk, you will have the option to prioritise a walker. This means we will match you with the same walker if your prioritised walker is available. If not, we will find a new walker for you. We cannot guarantee that the same dog walker can come every time since it will be based on the walker’s availability.

If you are booking a monthly walk, you can choose the “Picky Pooch” option to have the same walker for all of your walks for the entire month.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements for your dog that you want to discuss before booking a walk, we are always happy to help in the best way we can.

What if my dog has special needs?

If your dog has any special needs, you can mention those in the “Walk Notes” section when booking. It is best to let your walker know as much about your dog as possible. These can include details and instructions such as “avoiding other dogs while walking, filling the water bowl after the walk”. In addition to the “Walk Notes” section, when signing up on the app you will answer some questions about your dog’s walking habits. Please make sure you answer the questions carefully. If you want to edit your answers, you will be able to edit them under “Settings”, “View Profiles”, “View Other Information”.

Can I contact my walker?

Yes, you can contact your walker. After you book a walk on the app, you will be matched with an available walker. Once your walker is on the way you will be able to Contact your walker under “Booking”, “Upcoming Walks”, “Track”. You will see a “Contact” button and when clicking on that, you will be able to call your walker. You will also have a chance to contact your walker throughout your dog’s walk.

What should I prepare before the walk?

Before your walk starts, please make sure you have your dog’s leash and potty bags. You can also provide other supplies for your dog’s walk like treats or a coat etc. If you wish to leave special instructions for your walker before the walk, while booking, use the “Walk Notes” section.

Are off-leash activities available?

All walks with Pawsapp are on-leash walks. To ensure the safety of your dog, we do not allow our carers any off-leash activities throughout their service.

How do I know when the walk is finished?

You can track each walk you booked on Pawsapp live. Each walk is GPS tracked and at the end, you will receive a report card summarising the details of the walk.